Intended to build curiosity, ignited with the passion to seek knowledge, we provide innovative and practical learning opportunities to kids, making them understand the logics behind science. Our playful activities and experiments help kids fall in love with the scientific world, resulting in a joyful learning experience.


21st century is indeed the era of technology. Coding for kids is a great way to strengthen kids ability to experiment, think out of box, innovate, observe and explore. we offer different coding techniques for kids to explore technology world like building apps and making animation on their own and become more problem solver in life.


Process automation and machines have always taken up jobs which man was suppose to perform in early days. “Robotics and Machines” is the most loved part of STEM based education by kids. Hands-on learning opportunities to build/assemble robots and machines is what makes kids understands the concepts.


Mathematics is usually considered a boring subject by kids. If however the flavor of real life problems is added to mathematics, the ability to solve problems using rules of mathematics is what makes it interesting. learning math techniques which can help kids in daily life as well as their careers along with a fun linked activities.

Why STEM Visions

Disparity in Quality of Education is among the highest in the whole World for Pakistan, where owning an outlet of Private School System is one of the most lucrative and risk free business.

Lately with focus of developed economies on STEM based approach towards learning, some of the young fellow Pakistanis have taken an initiative to convert it into a business opportunity. They are targeting kids of elite schools towards various overly priced after school/summer boot camp programs. It is still a great initiative though, but only for those who can afford it.

STEM visions aims to take the first positive step towards providing STEM based learning opportunities Free of Cost to the underprivileged kids of Pakistan.

We have multiple tools to support our ambitious vision.



We aim to enlighten the Hearts and Minds of underprivileged school going kids with 21st century approach of STEM based learning. Enabling every kid to look at problems of Pakistan with the lens of finding solutions.

Our approach is to make the kids believe in themselves and help them realize their enormous potential. They are the future of Pakistan and only they can convert our problems into solutions by acquiring and applying STEM based knowledge to all such problems.

Focus is to make them think on how they can use knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in adding value to our society. Which area is of their interest? and how they can apply the acquired STEM knowledge in their daily lives?

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