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Educate and Re-educate Girls with STEM Education in Pakistan


Education has always been a huge concern for everyone in Pakistan. Government and non-governmental organizations plan many things in order to spread education, but still we have attained only 46% literacy rate. From that 46 %, only less than 15% are girls who are getting education and further if we study these 12% more specifically, only less than 5% girls are getting STEM related education.

In this era of modern technology and continuously changing world, our country needs girls to be strong in every aspect of life especially in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STEM based education is not conventional education; it is particularly designed with the mixture of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to whip up enthusiasm of children to pursue a career in these fields.

We have managed to gather the data of our education system and we have re-modeled the curriculum according to the STEM basic requirements. We are not a school, a college or a university, but we are a platform to educate children through STEM based strategies. We will provide them hands-on experience and equal opportunities to learn the basic concepts of Science and Technology.

STEM Pakistan

We are very passionate about teaching girls through STEM oriented education. Girls have equal opportunities to make robots and do programming like the boys do. We have conducted numerous seminars and workshops on STEM education especially to GIRLS.

It is quite disappointing that most students consider Mathematics a boring subject or simply a tool. This is because our mainstream education systems teach it in a traditional way. Here at STEM, we try to promote and foster an interest in and enthusiasm for the enjoyment of Mathematics by incorporating various fun-filled activities in the curriculum.

With the implementation and integration of the STEM curriculum with our mainstream educational curriculum, we provide a great opportunity to the students to develop an interest in the aforementioned subjects which will eventually result in producing more streamlined work force.

Today, the STEM Education is one of the latest introductions to the world of education which focuses on the core subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This approach is actually the integration of these disciplines into a single one. It is designed to teach the ‘’whole ‘’student and in turn will make them more successful members of society.

According to DRPFConsults.com, the National Science Foundation estimates that 80% of the jobs available during the next decade will require Mathematics and Science skills. Therefore, the fastest growing fields will require more significant Mathematics and Science preparation. Unfortunately, Pakistan is not currently at the forefront in these areas of study. At the same time, in the recent years, there has been a significant decline in the number of college students choosing majors in Science and Technology related fields. To get them hooked on STEM, we have to reach them before middle school, when their interest in Science and Mathematics often wanes. In this alarming situation, we must produce workers proficient in these fields in order to stay at the cutting edge of Science and Technology not only throughout century but the millennium.




1. Students need education with a solid foundation in STEM areas so that they are prepared to both live and work in the 21st century.

2. Since the 1960’s, the demand for skills has changed significantly. The demand for routine manual task skills has decreased while the demand for non-routine interactive task skills has increased significantly.

3. Workforce Projections for 2014 by U.S Department of Labour showed that 15-20% fastest growing occupations require significant Science and Mathematics training to successfully compete a job, while survey found that fewer students are choosing to pursue advance study in these areas.

Advanced Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a critical focus for our future success. Our nation’s technological advancement depends on a constant supply of highly trained and capable technical talent. The STEM education requires collaboration among industry, educators, policy makers and families. So, the STEM Visions offer programmes to educate and inspire tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians. To help address these challenges and strengthen the workforce pipeline, we are providing programmes, events and campaigns that focus on students’ achievement, teacher development, and gender and ethnic diversity.


Writen By: Fawad Naseer & Neelam Ali

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