Our Programs

Cambridge O & A Level


STEM Visions, offered at different campuses across Pakistan, provides learning and development opportunities to support all students in achieving their full potential. We offers a contemporary learning environment of an international standard. State-of-the-art facilities, subject-expert faculty and vibrant college life with a wide variety of social and extracurricular opportunities enhance the personal growth of our students. We are on a mission to create innovators of tomorrow!.

ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


Our ACCA study support resource pages contain a range of resources to support your learning. For the best chance of exam success, we recommend you use these resources alongside online or face to face tuition from our edducational institute.

BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT


Develop your IT skills with a BCS qualification; improve and validate your competence and the value you bring to your organisation.Choose how you study your higher education qualification to fit in with your other work-life-family commitments. Classroom training is available for a more traditional academic experience, or you may opt to Online-study.

STEM Workshop


It is a (5+1) day complete course for kids in each grade (3rd-10th) on each of the STEM branch. Kids are challenged to solve selected problem statement by learning and applying topic areas from STEM curriculum. With hours of lab exposure conducting various experiments, kids eventually present their proposed solutions. Each topic area is selected carefully linked to 1 real life problem faced by us in Pakistan. The objective is to engage these creative and sharp brains to find solutions in a well observed and guided environment.

STEM Curriculum


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer science etc. are the know options chosen by majority of Kids enrolling under “Science subject” in Pakistan. If you want to add the flavors of STEM to these subject areas, by realigning your curriculum and lab facilities, STEM Visions will assist you free of cost to achieve your objectives. Our subject experts will provide you localized version of internal standard curriculum which will supplement your existing curriculum. Our 6 step process from School Audit to Recommendation to Implementation and Post Implementation Support ensures higher success rates.

STEM Seminar


STEM is a relatively new and emerging concept hence there is a dire need to explain this concept so the awareness level of parents, students, kids, teachers, academicians, educationists and governments, Ngo’s and other stakeholders is increased.

We conduct 3 hours, standard seminars including 1 hour exposure to STEM Lab (equipment). Purpose of seminar is to provide awareness to the masses regarding the importance of STEM and introduce STEM VISIONS.

STEM Conference


Aimed only towards key decision makers, influencers, stakeholders in education industry to borrow support for STEM based education.

We facilitate 1 day conferences bringing key stakeholder on one table under one agenda in an structured and controlled environment to fight the challenges faced by STEM based education in Pakistan.

STEM Competition


It is a 3 day Competition organized 4 times a year at Local/Regional/National/International level.

1 theme from each string of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is be taken by linking it to real problem faced by Pakistan. Level of difficulty is adjusted as per intellectual level of each age group participating in this competition. Groups of students ranging 3-5 per team, are given 4 months to prepare a solution using STEM knowledge/equipment addressing the thematic problems.

During last 1 month, shortlisted are connected with advisors and last one week they spend in a controlled environment to work with industry gurus on their proposed solutions.

Based on the scores assigned to teams, best 3 teams are rewarded and recognized for their effort and contribution. They are given a chance by providing them resources to implement their solutions in real life.